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Volunteer Program - Community Involvement

How to use the Volunteer Application Form

1. Download the application form by saving the file on your computer.
2. The PDF file is designed such that you can enter information directly in the form.
3. The fields that require information are highlighted in the "Gray".
4. At any time, you can clear all the contents by selecting the "RESET" button.
5. Once all the information is saved in the form, save the form by adding "your name" to the file name.
    e.g The filename that will show when you select "save" is: "Volunteer_Application_Form(web)". Replace the
    word "web" with "your name".
6. Open your email application and attach the saved file. Send an email to "k-francesca@hotmail.com"

Please note that the information you save in the pdf file will remain in the file. At any time, you can open the
pdf file to edit the information. Please remember to communicate your chnges/updates to the email stated above.
  1. Volunteer Application Form

The following guidelines (forms enclosed) applies to students

1. Download the application form by saving the file on your computer.
2. Read the information and proceed to follow the instructions to enroll as a student volunteer.
3. Send an email with the attached form(s) to "sunnatul@bellnet.ca"

  1. Student Volunteer Program Guidelines
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