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About Brampton Islamic Center

BIC/BSIA previously “The Harvest Worship Center”, was purchased by members of the Muslim community in 2005.  Since then the mosque has grown into a vibrant Islamic Center that embraces the multiculturalism of Brampton.  With the blessings of Allah (Subhan Wa Ta’ala), the dream of an organization and a community began to unfold.

The mosque has a large prayer hall and adjacent multipurpose hall which is used for recreational activities and community services. In addition to the 5 daily prayers, there are 2 Jummah salahs conducted every Friday because of the size of our congregation.  There are other spiritually enriching programs conducted  throughout the week by local Imams and Scholars.  BIC strives to maintain excellent relationships with community leaders, law enforcement,  William Osler Health Centre – Brampton’s Hospital, and other community service providers. Our goal is to foster multi-cultural awareness in Brampton and persevere to represent the Muslims in Brampton as exemplary members of the community. We support  charities locally as well as worldwide disaster relief efforts.

We encourage Muslims to be guided by the Quran and hadith and seek Allah’s pleasure in serving one’s family, one’s community and environment and remembering Allah always in every word and action.

Help us in attaining our dream of establishing a multi-purpose functional community centre and masjid that will better serve our families.  We look forward to you and your family joining our community for the many activities our center offers.
BIC runs the following programs:
  • Full time Hifz
  • Quranic classes
  • Arabic language classes
  • Youth counseling
  • An Islamic Book store
  • Women’s programs
  • Islamic events
  • Summer camp
  • Recreational / Sports activities
  • Marriage ceremonies
  • Family Functions
  • Recreational hall for rental
  • Ramadan programs
  • Eid functions
  • Islamic Studies Sunday Program
Our Mission & Vision:

Our Vision is to set the example to build a vibrant community and to promote the Islamic way of life. To achieve this through establishing a conductive spiritual environment where congregational worship and service to humanity are welcoming to enhance the spiritual, social, and public lives of members. To safeguard the pure teachings of Islam while incorporating the Canadian way of living.

Brampton Islamic Centre adopts Global Moon Sighting by the Crecent Committee to determine the start & end of Islamic months and uses calculation only for preparation & organization.

If you would like to make a donation please click on the “Donate” button which is located at the top of this page or download the Pledge and Donation Form for Monthly pre-authorized Direct Deposits.

If you would like to mail in your cheques, use the following information:
Our Charitable No: 87196 6248 RR 00001

Brampton Sunnatul Islamic Association
6 Lowry Drive
Brampton, ON
L7A 1C4, Canada
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