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Useful Links
1. Ramadan - Healthy Eating Recipes
Free Suhoor and Iftar Planner
Ramadan Meal Plan (the energy bite recipe I made is in here)
Suhoor recipe (Strawberry Chocolate Overnight Oats)
Iftar recipe (Salad in a Jar)
2. Restaurants
Zabihah - A guide to Halal Restaurants & Markets
Indian and South Asian
3. Halal Information
Provides Assurance of Genuine Halal Products
Your source for Halal Food Information
Halal Monitoring Authority
4. Moon Sighting, Prayer Times, Important Events\Dates
Ramadan dates, Day of Arafat, start of Muharram date
Hilal Committee of Metropolitan Toronto & Vicinity
Accurate Prayer Times
5. Quran and Hadith
This is a beautiful site for Quran. Good for every one.
Read the Quran and Hadith Online
Quran Explorer
6. Conferences
Youth Tarbiyah Conference
Reviving The Islamic Spirit
7. Islamic Links
Women's Resource Center
Youth Help
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