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   Family Night: Friday July 27th 2018 @ 7:00pm!   Feed the Street: Sunday July 22nd 2018 @10:00am    Please include in your duas, the elderly, the sick and all those who have passed away recently  Ameen! 

The Crescent Committee of Canada has confirmed Eīd al Adha to be on Wednesday August 22nd 2018

Salah Timings:
1st Salah:       7:00am
2nd Salah:      8:30am
3rd Salah:      10:00am

Important Reminders:
  1. For each Salah, please arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled above time.
  2. Overflow parking is located at the Anointed Chapel, Leon's parking,  and the Gurdwara
  3. Please observe the directions of the Parking and Security guards.
  4. Please pay attention to the "Parking Not Allowed" signs.
  5. Please do not block any business entrance or driveway.
  6. Please observe the proper by-laws for street parking.

Please note that Wednesday August 22nd 2018 is a working and the surrounding businesses will be open. Please do not block any of the businessess driveway and please observe the directions and requests of the parking authorities.
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Brampton Sunnatul Islamic Association, (BSIA) / Brampton Islamic Centre (BIC) building has been established in Brampton since 1997. The building used to be Harvest Worship Center & was purchased by the BSIA/BIC in the year 2005.

Masjids enlighten the lives of all muslims throughout the world, it creates an environment for those who come to the mosque, as they get acquainted with each other and form ties of love and respect between each other.

They visit patients, look for remedies for problems of people in need. They refresh the soul of brotherhood, sharing and equality. Since then the mosque has been the focal point for the Muslim community in Brampton for Islamic guidance, place of worship and community services.


Mission & Vision

Our Vision is to set the example to build a vibrant community and to promote the Islamic way of life. To achieve this through establishing a conductive spiritual environment where congregational worship and service to humanity are welcoming to enhance the spiritual, social, & public lives of members. To safeguard the pure teachings of Islam while making relevance to the Canadian way of living.

Brampton Islamic Centre adopts Global Moon Sighting by the Crecent Committee to determine the start & end of Islamic months and uses calculation only for preparation & organization.


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