Madrasah School - Weekday

Information about the Weekday classes

  1. The classes run every week from Monday to Thursday.
  2. The starting age for registration is 6 years.
  3. Parents are expected to drop their children off at: (Call us at 905-459-9444 for the timings)
  4. There are five Quran classes as follows:
    4.1 Two (2) classes for ages 6 - 10 and comprises of both boys and girls.
    4.2 One (1) class for ages 11 - 17 and comprises of girls.
    4.3 One (1) class for ages 11 - 17 and comprises of boys interested in part-time Hifz.
    4.4 One (1) class for ages 11 - 17 and comprises of boys for Quran.
  5. The center urges parents to dress the children inappropriate attire. Please click on Madrasah Guidelines Document download the guideline document.
  6. All classes teach Quran reading (with Tajwed), Islamic Studies, Salah, Islamic Etiquette, Duas, and performing ablution.

Registration Process

  1. Download the registration form. Click on the following link: Registration Form
  2. Save the registration using the following format: "xxxxxxxxx.pdf" where "xxxxxxxxx" is the father name.
  3. Scan the document or take a picture of the document.
  4. Using email, attach the document or picture and send to the following email: ""
  5. Once the students have been enrolled in the classes, it is important to visit the website again and click on the title "Registering Your email".

Registering Your Email

  1. Registering your email allows the school administration to perform the following functions:
    1.1 To alert you of class closures due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances.
    1.2 To keep you in the loop of specific events such as "March Break", "Summer Camp", "Ramnadan" and the monthly family events where we aim to showcase the students through individual or group activities.

Click on the following link: Registering Your Email


  1. Registration Form
  2. Madrasah Guidelines Document